Absolute Sailor Bag

Not every need or market calls for a tote bag. That is why we created the Absolute Sailor Bag. The Sailor Bag Tote comes with rugged rope handles and is 100% waterproof. This makes our sailor bag truly at home on the water (even in the water!) Unlike other sailor bags that have the look, the Absolute Sailor Bag has the look AND the usability as a reusable tote bags with the logo of your business! Whether your customer is packing a bag for a workout at the gym, a weekend trip, or just in need of a day bag while on vacation, our sailor promotional tote bag has your brand covered.




  • Provides great ROI
  • Retail value of $50 – $70
  • Best by Far: Not an Ordinary Sailor Bag
  • Gift w/purchase
  • Water repellent coated canvas matte finish
  • Self Liquidating promotions
  • “Perfect Size”
  • Size: 480×510+320/200mm
  • High Quality twisted Cotton Rope Handles
  • Rugged interior lining
  • Zippered Cell Phone/Wallet pocket
  • Fundraising – give a gift that really will inspire donations
  • Corporate Events – create and maintain brand separation
  • Trade Shows – special promotions
  • Resale at retail – brand promotion
  • VIP Gifts – give a gift that really shows customer appreciation

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*MOQ: 250
*Lead Times (without shipping) 45 days