Welcome To Absolute Tote Bags

Canvas tote bags are everywhere today, whether they are being sold on a cruise line, given away at a corporate event, or used to raise funds for a charity. Most of these totes are quickly forgotten, along with your brand. Absolute Original Tote Bags and Absolute Sailor Bags are durable premium canvas bags. They encourage your brand with a consistent and quality promotional tote bag.

What value does Absolute Tote Bags have? They are simply better bags of a higher technical quality than a majority of the totes that are found in the promotional market. The totes are water resistant and 100% cotton. These totes are products that consumers will use over and over again. Many totes sold or given away for brand promotion are often thrown away soon after the consumer acquires them because they do not hold up. Items like wet swimsuits, sand, and food and drink quickly wear them down, often rendering them unusable. When that happens the totes are thrown away, along with the brand’s name and the brand’s impressions. Investing in a poor quality canvas tote bag is throwing away brand impressions and money. Absolute Tote Bags have a distinct designer/fashionable tote bag look that other totes in the promotional sphere do not have. Many current products are more librarian than chic. That is why Absolute Tote Bags exists: to give brands a custom reusable tote bag that is far more desirable and durable than what is currently available.

Clement Vachon – Marketing Director at San Pellegrino

“Fantastic product! The best event gift we ever had. Everybody loved it.”